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After donning the robe, my body surged with a strange sensation. I sat in the plush chair, shaped like a striking scorpion. On a long table before me was an ink pot and plume, a tiny, grinning gargoyle holding a crystal orb. Scrolls, covered with strange crystalline dust, as was everything in the room. "Welcome", said the gargoyle, "to the Dark Side of the Mind"

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Dark Pitt Spaced Out

This is another experimental Dark Pitt  animation in which he meets another space traveler that confronts him for smuggling contraband, lite...

Super Chikan Made A Real Shotgun Guitar | Travel Blog-Live Music

Here is genuine Mississippi Delta Bluesman, Super Chikan, playing a guitar made from a shotgun! He debuted his latest guitar creation at Gr...

I Went Not Down To The Crossroads-Travel Blog | Commentary-Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival

"Usually a person will accept a known risk rather than blaze off into the unknown." ~Louis L'Amour¹ For 15 straight years I...

Remembering Stevie Ray Vaughan 25 Years Later-Blog-Memoir

Today (August 27, 2015) will mark the 25th anniversary of Stevie Ray Vaughan's death. The word "anniversary" is usually assoc...

Will A Quote Cure Writer's Block?-Blog

I'm powered by quotes. Did God not create the universe with the word? (Think Nikola Tesla here: If you wish to understand the universe ...

Memories But No Photographs-Travel Blog

The blog title is a spin on the Jim Croce song Photographs and Memories. Jim Croce was one of my father's favorite musicians. Back in...

28th Anniversary of Three Month Motorcycle Trip Called the Big One-Travel Blog

It's approaching midnight where I'm at and 28 years ago today, on June 20, 1987, my father and I had left Phoenix, Arizona on our mo...

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Frisco Bear Rides the Dryer HD AUDIO

So, my teddy bear (named Frisco) decided he wanted to ride in the dryer while we was doing laundry. He's an adventureous teddy and very ...

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