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After donning the robe, my body surged with a strange sensation. I sat in the plush chair, shaped like a striking scorpion. On a long table before me was an ink pot and plume, a tiny, grinning gargoyle holding a crystal orb. Scrolls, covered with strange crystalline dust, as was everything in the room. "Welcome", said the gargoyle, "to the Dark Side of the Mind"

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Greetings Wayward Traveler

You are the Captain of your ship, on the Electron Sea and have arrived at the Darkside Johnny Blogger Port of Call. The Port is unkempt, wor...

Dark Pitt Spaced Out

This is another experimental Dark Pitt  animation in which he meets another space traveler that confronts him for smuggling contraband, lite...

Some Jimi Hendrix Trivia-Strange Eric Clapton Curse

I was reading an eerie article about how Eric Clapton was the last person to see three famous guitar players before they died! Those would...

Seventies Versus Eighties Music Scene | Commentary

ESP AK-47 Guitar-70s vs 80s Rock Wars A Guitar Player article titled New Study of Music Finds Finds the Eighties Were Pretty Boring , ...

Dark Pitt in Outer Space iRobot

The excitng adventures of Time Traveler Assassin Dark Pitt in Outer Space iRobot. (The original title was Dark Pitt-Plan B in Outer Space. ...

The Regulators from Dark Pitt's TimeRipper Series

These little dudes came to me on Go Animate. They call themselves, The Regulators. Don't know their complete story, but what I'm g...

Jacqueline Smith MLK Memorial Protester

I filmed this video of  Martin Luther King Jr. National Civil Rights museum protester Jacqueline Smith back in November 2010. A YouTube co...

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