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Jens Larsen and Darkside Johnny: A Girl I Used To Know

While checking out my friends new Agile guitar, I put on a backing-track by Eivenn Larsen, turned on the Flip video and Larry sang the phrase, "She's a girl I used to know".

This put a mood in my mind and I imagined seeing a girl in a crowd (I seen a blonde headed woman at a county fair) that was with another man and now had a family.

A girl that I used to know that had now moved on and would no longer recognize me or even care if she did.

Maybe a girl that I had wronged, maybe broke her heart. Walked out on her and never looked back and now I see her in a crowd, she'd found the life I could not give her and why would I want to selfishly say hello when there would be no point in it.

I'm trying to do all this in my mind while spontaneously playing guitar along with an unfamiliar backing-track.

"A Girl I Used To Know"
Darkside Johnny and Eivinn Arne Jensen Larsen (Special Guest-Larry Thorpe)

The backing track I used:

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