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Dorothy Moore Misty Blue

This video is a live performance by Rhythm and Blues legend, Dorothy Moore, it is my highest viewed video and it's on my Carroll Gazette YouTube Channel.

The video was filmed down at the Crossroads in Clarksdale, Mississippi, during the 24th Sunflower River Blues & Gospel Festival. (Yes, the Crossroads made famous by Blues man, Robert Johnson! more on that later)

I went to my first "Sunflower" festival in 1995 and been blessed to have made the annual festival every year since then, except for 1997, when I was working for Sperry Railroad, I was in South Carolina at the time. It has turned into an annual pilgrimage for me, always rejuvenating my life.

This video was filmed in 2011 on a Saturday night. Earlier in the day I was at a small music store and the owner (Gary Miller, editor of Blues Source Magazine [he's now deceased]) told me I should not miss Dorothy Moore's show, she was a R & B Legend. So I took his advice.

This was her last performance of the night and I had made it to the front of the stage. I used a Flip Ultra HD video recorder and it did a fair job capturing the audio, even though I was close to the speakers.

Dorothy Moore-Misty Blue
24th Annual Sunflower River & Blues Gospel Festival
Clarksdale, Mississippi

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the candle flame of thought shines its brightest in the dark

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