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The Candle Flame of Thought Shines Its Brightest in the Dark

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Darkside Johnny Becomes the Spaced Cowboy

This is the first video that I uploaded to YouTube on my Darkside Johnny channel and it represents the look I was going for, but didn't quite achieve.

It took a few videos and some playing with the Windows Movie Maker buttons, along with the YouTube Editor program,  before I figured out how to dial-in the over all look I eventually wound up with in later videos, which is a black and white setup.

This video was made using the built-in drum machine on my Fender G-DEC (Guitar Digital Entertainment Center) 50 watt guitar amp.

I used the factory setting, P22 Cowboy Kid, which led to the songs title, Spaced Cowboy, and eventually becomes a Character in later songs, as well as a story that is brewing... in the Dark Side!

Darkside Johnny and Larry Thunder: All Along The Watchtower Cover

Kicking off my music blog with an improvised version of, All Along the Watchtower , featuring Larry Thunder on vocals. He came over to show ...


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the candle flame of thought shines its brightest in the dark

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