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Darkside Johnny Becomes the Spaced Cowboy

This is the first video that I uploaded to YouTube on my Darkside Johnny channel and it represents the look I was going for, but didn't quite achieve.

It took a few videos and some playing with the Windows Movie Maker buttons, along with the YouTube Editor program,  before I figured out how to dial-in the over all look I eventually wound up with in later videos, which is a black and white setup.

This video was made using the built-in drum machine on my Fender G-DEC (Guitar Digital Entertainment Center) 50 watt guitar amp.

I used the factory setting, P22 Cowboy Kid, which led to the songs title, Spaced Cowboy, and eventually becomes a Character in later songs, as well as a story that is brewing... in the Dark Side!


  1. great jam! You may like Glen Kaiser, he is on my favorite play list right now.

    1. Hey Paul! Thanks for the visit! I'll check out Glen :)


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