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Darkside Johnny Becomes a Pirate

This group of songs are not my favorite, but, the most important thing that happened is that while creating the videos and filling out the Details Section for YouTube, I seen a story unfolding. The music created a path, an avenue through the Darkside of the Mind™.

Next stop, an ancient Keep where Darkside Johnny is recovering from a Vampire fight, being cocooned by a special breed of spiders that produce a healing silk (specially bred for these type of issues, but does not cure the common cold. Crazy)

But his problems are not over, he still has a taste for blood. The Old Man that helps with his recovery is not only an Alchemist, but a Philosoper as well. He trains Darkside Johnny to be an Assassin! "If you must kill, let it be for a reason or else it's just murder." (Says the Old Man, who might just be Kerbachard!-a reference to Louis L'Amour's, The Walking Drum)

Although cured of most of the Vampire ailments, he has to wear sunglasses--all the time 

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