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Scored a Sheet of Jimi Hendrix Postage Stamps

Scored some Jimi Hendrix stamps today! I live in a town so small, I was the first person to ask for them at the post office! I'm decla...

Little Peeps Band Gets Busted As Poser Musicians

The Little Peeps Band was busted as Posers when the audio track went haywire and they got fired from another gig. This is the 3rd time this ...

Remembering Stevie Ray Vaughan-Life Without You

Today marks the 24th anniversary of Blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan's death . SRV opened the door for me to Bluesville and I entered...

Venefica Assassin

This is no ordinary lady, she's a Venefica Assassin. Venefica in Latin refers to a Sorceress who used potions and poisons for vario...

Catlaw Josey Wales vs Johnny Two Fingers

The Catlaw Josey Wales, the Fastest Paw in the West, facing down Johnny Two Fingers ...notice the cold blooded stare of the Catlaw ... JT...

A Les Paul Quote about Life

I'm not a Gibson guitar man, but that doesn't mean I'm not a fan of the man that gave birth to the electric-solid body guitar an...

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Frisco Bear Rides the Dryer HD AUDIO

So, my teddy bear (named Frisco) decided he wanted to ride in the dryer while we was doing laundry. He's an adventureous teddy and very ...

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