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Little Peeps Band Gets Busted As Poser Musicians

The Little Peeps Band was busted as Posers when the audio track went haywire and they got fired from another gig. This is the 3rd time this week!

I've suggested they just take pictures of themselves in jam sessions and post them to social media sites. People will think they're Real Rockers! 

But, they are an interesting set of people. The guitar player in black is Johny West and he's a Gunslinger in the Wild West Arizona territory circa 1800's.

The man playing the red and yellow bass guitar is no other than HitMan Harry! He stars in his own animated series where he takes on the New World Order. His era is the 1980's.

Where does all this take place you ask? Why, in the Darkside of the Mind™

Darkside Johnny and Larry Thunder: All Along The Watchtower Cover

Kicking off my music blog with an improvised version of, All Along the Watchtower , featuring Larry Thunder on vocals. He came over to show ...


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the candle flame of thought shines its brightest in the dark

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