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Venefica Assassin

This is no ordinary lady, she's a Venefica Assassin. Venefica in Latin refers to a Sorceress who used potions and poisons for various reasons, mostly personal, I would say. The Venefica legend is a woman would ingest poison in small amounts, increasing the dosage over time and build a complete tolerance and their body was so saturated with the drug that their kiss was deadly. 
Venfefica Assassin

This Venefica Assassin is no mood for romance. As she has already seduced her target with her beauty and charming wit, she is no mood to kiss, so she utilizes her wealth of knowledge on potions to deliver a refreshment to her suitor that will not only change his life, but the course of political history of the world.

But she doesn't care, she remembered that terrible night as a child, watching her father suffer a horrible death and never forgetting the killers face, vowing revenge... but first, a drink!

The clinking of the champagne flutes as she offered a toast would haunt the politician for the rest of his life as he slowly went insane spending the rest of his life in an asylum thinking he was a dog that could never remember where he buried his bone.

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the candle flame of thought shines its brightest in the dark

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