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Pink Floyd 50th Anniversary

Pink Floyd turned 50 years old this February, 2015. As a huge Pink Floyd fan, it's kinda cool I had just bought the Dark Side of the Moo...

Dark Pitt in Outer Space iRobot

The excitng adventures of Time Traveler Assassin Dark Pitt in Outer Space iRobot. (The original title was Dark Pitt-Plan B in Outer Space. ...

The Regulators from Dark Pitt's TimeRipper Series

These little dudes came to me on Go Animate. They call themselves, The Regulators. Don't know their complete story, but what I'm g...

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Frisco Bear Rides the Dryer HD AUDIO

So, my teddy bear (named Frisco) decided he wanted to ride in the dryer while we was doing laundry. He's an adventureous teddy and very ...

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