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Dark Pitt in Outer Space iRobot

The excitng adventures of Time Traveler Assassin Dark Pitt in Outer Space iRobot.
(The original title was Dark Pitt-Plan B in Outer Space. Went with iRobot due to the Alan Parson tune used as the soundtrack).

The first in an animated series starring, Dark Pitt. Dark Pitt is an interesting character. His forefather is Dirk Pitt (from the Clive Cussler series of books).

What is known about him is that he was either born or a genetically created in the year 2525… man was barely alive.

He was a Bounty Hunter for Time Travelers that had violated the New World Order laws against Time Travel. These offenders were known as Time Rippers. One day Dark Pitt became one when he embraced his Dark Side.

There is a lot more to the story that will be revealed later.

Is this animation, iRobot, the beginning? Nobody knows. We will have to wait and see how the story unfolds as it is created at Darkside Studio Animations-Welcome to the Darkside of the Mind™

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