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The Regulators from Dark Pitt's TimeRipper Series

I think I'm starting to get an understanding of this "writing" thing. I don't create a story or animation out of my head. The story or animation is already out there, like a force or Dark Energy, I just merely channel it. That is why I never know what to write or animate when I sit at the computer. 

To quote Louis L'Amour:
 "Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on."
These little dudes came to me on Go Animate. They call themselves, The Regulators. Don't know their complete story, but what I'm getting so far is they are cyborgs that can fly and were bounty hunters, hunting TimeRippers: those that violated the Time Travel Laws of 2525, until they turned to the Dark Side, when they discovered homemade chocolate chip cookies in 1927.

Definition of Regulator- Electricity: a device for maintaining a designated characteristic, as voltage or current [or Time?] at a predetermined value, or for varying it according to a predetermined plan.

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the candle flame of thought shines its brightest in the dark

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