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Seventies Versus Eighties Music Scene | Commentary

ESP AK-47 Guitar-70s vs 80s Rock Wars

A Guitar Player article titled New Study of Music Finds Finds the Eighties Were Pretty Boring, posted on Facebook created quite a stir amongst guitar players defending the music style of the 1980's, claiming that the decade did indeed "give birth" to a new form of Rock-N-Roll with responses like: "I find it fascinating", referring to 80's Rock music. Another commenter said: "What research garbage!", criticizing how the research was done. From the article:
 "Researchers in London used a new computer program to analyze the evolution of popular music by feeding it thousands of songs from the past 55 years. Their biggest discovery: the Eighties were pretty boring."

I was there for the music scene of the 70's and 80's and there is no comparison between the two decades. The 70's were innovative. Black Sabbath gave birth to Heavy Metal., Judas Priest gave it an adrenaline shot taking it to a faster tempo. KISS laid the foundation for Hair Bands and wearing makeup. Van Halen came out in the 70's and the guitar instrumental, Eruption, opened the door for fretboard finger-tapping. Fast Eddie of Motorhead should probably be given credit for creating Speed Metal and singer Lemmy (also Motorhead) for the guttural Screamo Rock [although not contemporary until the 90's]. The 70's Rock scene gave birth to the 80's.

Van Halen Eruption released 1978

Nothing new really happened in the 80's, other bands only built on the foundations of the music created in the 70's and regurgitated it. You can give credit to the 80's bands for polishing the styles and commercializing it.

In order to look for anything new in the 80's, you would have to look into New Age music, like Acoustic Alchemy and Patrick O'Hearn (as examples) ...but the 70's had Tangerine Dream.

So, did the 80's really give birth to any new forms of music? Your comments are welcomed!

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