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Celebrating Father's Day on Social Media

Celebrated Father's Day 2015 by posting memories of my father on social media, which include the 28th anniversary of the motorcycle trip called The Big One.

On Twitter #MyDadIn4Words‬ was trending. My Tweet with that hashtag was: "My Motorcycle Saddle Partner" 28 years ago today, we were on day 2 of a 3 month motorcycle‬ adventure‬.

I also posted this Tweet:

On Facebook I posted:
My father is gone now and the greatest inheritance I have is the memories of the Big One-3 month motorcycle trip.

This morning, we would leave the 4-Corners state campground making it to Arkansas, camping at a state park within view of a nuclear plant across the river. Not a bad days ride!

One thing I will not forget, before camping, we stopped at a Shoney's restaurant, All You Can Eat Shrimp, that night. And we did! My dad could remember, but I lost track after the 12th platter!

I looked at Google maps and the Shoney's of the area doesn't jive, there isn't one anymore! Makes me wonder if we bankrupted that location! LMAO! Either that or we made one heck of a back-track to stay at Dardanelle State Park!

I may start blogging about the trip, here is a post from yesterday:(posting a link to yesterdays blog post from here).

Then another Facebook post, quoting a narration from the Louis L'Amour book The Walking Drum:
We walked on together, two strong men, each with a blade, father and son. The world would be mine now, for my father was with me. ~Mathurin Kerbouchard

The Walking Drum was my mine and my father's favorite Louis L'Amour book. In about a week it will have been 28 years since I first read it. And my father and I would sit around many a campfire discussing our favorite parts, eager to read the next two books that would continue the story, but they never came as Mr. L'Amour passed away before he could write them. After my father passed, I decided I would write them.
"He might never really do what he said, but at least he had it in mind. He had somewhere to go." ~Trevallion.
(That quote is from the Louis L'Amour Book: Comstock Lode).

On Google+ I belong to a Classic Rock Community and posted:
"Wishing everyone a Happy Father's Day ...especially to those who miss theirs.", along with this video:

Neil Young-Old Man

Now I'm concluding today 2015 Father's Day celebration and remembrance with this blog post.

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