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Busted By The Groove | Music

You have the right to remain silent and bob your head. Any move you make may be used against you on the dance floor...

This is the 5th attempt at creating music with the Music Maker Jam app but this time using I'm using the computer version for Windows which came with 3 free choices of music style packages. I like the computer version better because it has an old school studio feel to it. Listening to the song again seems like I chose out of the Hip Hop styles, they had about 7 to choose from at that time.


BONUS TRACK: "Do Ya Feel Funking Lucky!? (I Gotsta Know)

The song title is a spin from the Dirty Harry movie line, "Do I feel lucky, punk?' which is often misquoted as "Do you feel lucky, punk?"

This song is along the same musical vein as, Busted by the Groove, maybe even used the same style packages. It wasn't till later songs that I seen the value of documenting what musical style packages I was using.

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