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Dark Pitt

Here is a brief introduction to one of the main characters of the PageRankWars™, Dark Pitt, digitally cloned from his forefather, Dirk Pitt.

First off, for clarity, who is Dirk Pitt?
Dirk Pitt is a character created by author Clive Cussler and is an action figure in a series of thrilling books he has written.

Dirk always seems to get into some sticky situations and miraculously gets out of them in split-second life-saving moments.

What Dirk Pitt does not know is his time-traveling ancestor has conveniently arranged for these miraculous moments by traveling back in time to arrange the escape.
About Dark Pitt:
Dark Pitt is a digital creation by the Alphabet Agency in the year 2525 to enforce the Time-Travel Laws of that century which forbade unauthorized travel through time, especially in the past.
These lawbreakers became known as Time-Rippers as they actually ripped through the fabric of time.

When Dark Pitt started to take unauthorized trips into the past to save his forefather, Dirk Pitt, the Alphabet Agency put Dark Pitt on the termination list, assigning the task to it's newest, most heartless enforcer known as the Darkside HitMan.

[The Darkside HitMan does not have a Profile Page]

‣Every good guy needs a villainous nemesis, the Darkside HitMan is Dark Pitt's!

The PageRankWars starring Dark Pitt was going to become an animated series using the GoAnimate! online software. Good things never seem to last, even on the Net!
A GoAnimate! version of
Dark Pitt from the year 2525
Dark Pitt only seen a few animations before the software turned Corporate.
Here is an animation called Dark Pitt in Outer Space iRobot.
Dark Pit has an encounter with a Disco Ball "death star" disguised as ordinary plant captained by a rogue defunct Android Bot.

Dark Pitt's Website

Some More Characters:
Harry Whytass
Hitman Harry
Jonathan Filby

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