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Harry Whytass

Details on Harry Whytass are still being discovered. What is known is that he was nearing what was considered retirement age, in mid 1980's terms, working for a perfume manufacturer. Through the grapevine he heard he was to be terminated before receiving his retirement pension, or reaching the "Gold Watch Plan" as it was called. This was quite upsetting news as Harry, upon retirement, was planning on pursuing his lifelong dream of writing "dime-store detective novels", which he was an avid reader and collector of.

To those in the know the perfume company that Harry worked for was a front, an Alphabet Agency project known as Shadow Werx. They created Myst™, a strange "perfume", that when emitted through an atomizer, opened a time-portal. Harry Whytass was not in the know, but had his suspicions that something was amiss.

Details vary whether Harry Whytass was janitor or a security guard with the facility has yet to be determined. Besides his interest in dime store detective novels, he is also fond of Blues music with an obsession of the legend of Robert Johnson, a man credited for starting the Blues music genre after he sold his soul to the devil, down at the Crossroads.

This is brief introduction to Harry Whytass that will be updated as more is discovered. It is to note he becomes the nemesis of Harry Mannacio, later to become known as HitMan Harry.

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