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Welcome to the Page Rank Wars

Page Rank Wars

The Page Rank Wars are a series of stories that has been and currently being published throughout the Internet that spans 13 centuries starting with the 12th continuing through the year 2525... man was barely alive. Earth was covered by the Electron Sea.

What is the Electron Sea?
The Electron Sea is a bandwidth of the electromagnetic spectrum created by an infinite amount of odd harmonics generated by activities on the Internets.

On any sea there will be pirates. The Electron Sea is no different.

What is Page Rank?
When you type a phrase or a website name into a search engine, what comes up at the top of the first page is the winner! This is where SEO (search engine optimization) comes in. It is also to note that a man named Larry Page developed the algorithm for Google to determine the most relevant websites that contained the information to match the search query. For a more indepth look, click this link.

How the Page Rank Wars™ Started:
The wars began when the Alphabet Agency required all individuals to have a web presence and, as in any society, how and where you ranked became a status symbol. The Page Rank Wars™ began.

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